Redpath Studios is a specialist in child photography, and our award-winning work displays our experience and enthusiasm, which is so important in capturing your babies character and expression. We know how important your new child is and how fleeting and precious the changes are in the early years. A professional portrait records this wonderful time in the best possible way, to be cherished by friends and family.

The ideal time to consider getting a baby photograph is when baby can lift their head, normally this is around 3 months, the next milestone moment parents like to capture is when their baby can sit up normally around six months and finally just before they are walking normally before their first birthday, however each baby is different so these are just guides.

Each session is unique and we don't repeat any of the same props or poses, we are happy to do one off sessions or you may want to consider joining our baby club for unique options. We specialise in baby photography and many parents come back with their second, third or even fourth child, four of my current mum's and dad's have four boys! all of which I have photographed. Check our Facebook page here for our latest reviews.





Most sittings will take will take around 1 hour and 15 mins, sometimes a little less depending on the number and age of children. It is a good idea to bring a change of clothes, and also to avoid wearing strongly patterned clothing, or any articles with prominent logos, as these will date quickly in appearance.

We suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothes, as the aim is to have you moving about and having fun! White tee shirts and blue jeans are a great choice for children, though you may also like to bring another outfit a little bit more formal. Some children like to have a favourite toy, or you may wish to bring sunglasses, baseball caps, or some other prop that you would like included. If you are a large family group, perhaps two or more generations, please try to ensure that everyone dresses in a broadly similar style and level of formality. Necklines are important and a vee or scoop neck is best if the subject has a fuller face. A high-necked blouse, shirt or sweater is more flattering if the neck is long, and the face slender. Ladies should generally avoid sleeveless tops as the skin on the arms is often lighter and can draw the focus away from the face.

We try to avoid having the same fixed agenda for every shoot, and we want to work with you to create exciting memorable pictures. If you have some great ideas, we are happy to talk them through with you. Likewise we can shoot on black or grey which offers something different from the popular white background which you may already have. Every season at Chenies offers a wealth of photographic opportunities, from swirling autumn leaves, through the brittle days of winter, to the burst of colour in the bluebell woods and the warm iridescent brightness of spring. Any month of the year gives abundant scope for stunning photography that will literally be treasured for a lifetime. 





I have photographed over 365 weddings in my time as a photographer, now due to other photographic commitments I only undertake weddings in the summer months, locally and on a week days only assuming I'm free. I therefore only undertake small informal weddings generally for couples who are looking for something low key. I have a set price, coverage from guests arriving to sit down and meal.


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