Children with Pet Portrait Session

The Extra Family Member! Lots of children have a pet that they adore, whether its a dog, cat, rabbit or a bit more exotic like snakes and lizards. The Baby Portrait Club offer portrait sessions to capture this unique bond between your children and their pets. 

During your session your photographer will spend time creating unique portraits of this wonderful bond that they have into timeless images that they will be able to remember for years to come. 

Please Note: Not all of our Photographers offer this Session so please check with your studio before booking.

Siblings Portrait Session

Share the love! With the arrival of your new baby it's the perfect time to capture the love that their brothers and sisters have for them. Your Baby Portrait Club Photographer will welcome you and your children into the studio and spend time building a rapour with your children and therefore being able to create stunning images of your children during the session. 

During your hour long Siblings Portrait Session your photographer will capture a large selection of images as well as a variety of group combinations and individual images of all your children.

Maternity Portrait Session

Congratulations! Your new baby will soon be on it's way and both of you have gone through an amazing journey during your pregnancy. It's such an amazing time and would be wonderful for you to be able to capture this time to remember for years to come. 

The Baby Portrait Club photographers offer wonderful Maternity Portrait Sessions which capture this special time in your pregnancy journey. Our photographers will work with you to create truly stunning images that you can treasure and look back on to remember what a wonderful time this has been.

Newborn Portrait Session

WOW! Your wonderful little bundle of joy has arrived and this is the perfect time to capture beautiful newborn images of your baby. Your photographer will discuss the best time to capture these images of your little one while they are still in the sleepy, curled up stage when they will be able to capture stunning images of your baby. 

Your photographer will allow up to an hour for your session giving plenty of time for feeding and nappy changes during the session, as well giving you a rest as well. 

Head Up Portrait Session

Growing up quickly! You'll be amazed at how fast the first few months of your baby's life will fly by! Soon they'll be able to lift their head and start to roll over. At around 4-6 months your photographer will capture a beautiful selection of images of this wonderful time.


The Baby Portrait Club photographers will allow up to one hour for your session enabling them plenty of time with your little one to get the best images from your baby.

Sitting Portrait Session

They're on the move! Once your baby has mastered sitting up, it won't be long until they'll be off around the house! At this unique stage their little personalities really start to shine and this is the perfect time to capture them during your portrait session. 

Your Baby Portrait Club Photographer will build up a rapour with your little one during their session and capture truly breathtaking images that you can proudly display around your home! You are more than welcome to bring along props from home to include in the session to truly make this portrait unique.

Standing/Walking Portrait Session

Up, Up and Away! They're standing and now on the move! This wonderful time is a huge milestone during your childs life and a perfect opportunity to capture during your portrait session.  All of our Baby Portrait Club Photographers love to be able to photograph this amazing stage as this is the time that the children love to explore and interact with the props allowing a larger variety of images to be captured. 

Your Photographer will create stunning and unique images of your little one during their hour long session and will be thrilled to show you the stunning images that they have captured during your viewing session. 

Cake Smash Portrait Session

It's Messy Time! You're little one has just turned ONE and what bettrer way to create a lasting memory of this special time that a Cake Smash Portrait with one of our Baby Portrait Club Photographers. This unique portrait session is so much fun for your little one and they'll love smashing up a Cake while your photographer captures stunning images for you to treasure. 

Bring along your own cake for the session or contact your photography who may be able to order one for you. Your Cake Smash Session will start with a clean portrait session to capture you child in their lovely outfits then when the cake arrives they can smash to their hearts content! 

Cake Smash and Splash Sessions are also available at selected studios where your little one will be able to have a bubble bath after the session. Please check with your local studio before booking this option. 

First Birthday Portrait Session

Woohoo! It's Party Time! With your baby turning ONE let your Baby Portrait Club Photographer capture this time with a wonderful birthday portrait session. Bring along balloons, Birthday cards and mark this time in there lives with beautiful images that you can look back on for years to come. 

The Baby Portrait Club photographers will allow up to one hour for your appointment enabling them plenty of time with your little one to get the best images from your child during the session.

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